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The heater in your car is basically a smaller version of your cooling systems radiator. Hot engine coolant
is circulated through a small radiator, often called a heater core. … The air conditioning system in your car is
comprised of a compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator.

We now offer service on R-1234yf A/C Systems .
R1234yf is a synthetic HFO refrigerant co-developed by DuPont and Honeywell as a successor to R134a for automotive air-conditioning applications. Its global warming potential (GWP) is ultra-low, with a rating of less than 1.
Many techs have not had much experience with R-1234yf refrigerant because it was introduced in 2015 and most vehicles with yf systems have not yet needed servicing.
The Car Shop is proud to announce we now have the ability to service these types of automotive a/c units.