I met the owner, Brian, in the hallway of my office building....I was in tears, after hearing from a larger car repair shop that my car would be about $2,000, and that MIGHT fix it. I was falling apart, and there was Brian. We talked for about 10 minutes, and once he heard what I was told, he shook his head, gave me a hug, and suggested I bring my vehicle to his shop. I had it towed that same day to him. Brian and his mechanics fixed my car for less than half of what I was quoted at the larger repair shop, and even did more than they were going to do. I cried again, but because I was so thankful and happy. I WILL NEVER GO ANYWHERE ELSE for my auto repairs, and have told everyone I know how amazing they are. On top of the great prices, they seem like they actually care, and talk to you like you're a real person. I am so thankful Brian was in my hallway that day, and that he cared enough to listen to my story.

Rachel Thompson
The Laker & Lutz News

Great service at a fair price

We have used The Car Shop for 3 of our vehicles. We always receive great service at a fair and reasonable price. We have recommended several friends as well. We love Brian and the car shop.

Voni Whitaker


Honest, fair, personable service. I've sent my friends and family to The Car Shop for over 4 years.

Jan Brylski

Great job on our limo!

We had an issue with one of our limos and the shop was able to quickly and affordably repair the problem. This is crucial as every hour our limo is not on the road, we lose money. Thanks again!

It's great to have a mechanic you can trust

Brian has been working on our vehicles for the past 8 years. Unlike some of the auto repair services we used in the past, Brian will tell you what needs to be fixed and what can wait, as well as, explaining the advantages of fixing something before you are stuck on the side of the road. We have an older vehicle we like to take on long trips, having Brian go through the car, bumper to bumper, prior to our trip assures us we have taken every precaution and travel worry free.

Jimmy Schaefer
RealReach Marketing

Leasons Learned

Ever have one of those days?? I have waited a day to give this some thought before I posted this. Yesterday I get a call from a client referral. She is almost in tears on the phone. So far about typical!! But when when she tells me her story that 1 month ago she paid "someone" to install a radiator for her, and now her transmission is not shifting right, so she had a transmission installed at the Buick dealer so she took it back to them! A local Buick dealer in Tampa!! They charged her 100$ to check it. They told her it had the WRONG radiator installed and it was causing the fluid to leak out and she needed the right GM radiator to fix it at a cost of $950.00. A client told her to call me. I had her make sure they filled it full of fluid and if it drove ok now, to drive it to me. O, she said to them I can't afford that!! Well we can sell you a NEW one!!! Anyway she gets the car to me and we inspect it. The quick disconnect fitting on the new radiator was leaking. A $6.00 GM part fixed the leak and problem solved.. Total repair $100. 00 and its fixed. The car is in perfect shape and was in need of nothing else we could find., This just makes my blood boil!! At a new car dealer you should be able to pay a little more but at least trust them. It seems to me and her that all they wanted was a nice used car for a trade and to sell and new car!! With no concern about HER at all. I have advised her to contact the general manager and if they do not refund her all she paid to go to Bay news 9 or channel 13 news.

Brian is the BEST!!!

The Car Shop Tampa is the most honest and reliable shop in town, I send everyone there!

Jade Kenneth

Friendly, Fast, and Fair

Brian and his team are great people! Won't dick you around like others will. Brian is beyond fair, and he's fast and efficient!!!

The ONLY place we take our cars!!

Brian is the man and the ONLY place we take our cars to get worked on is at The Car Shop!

Honest Mechanic

A more honest mechanic can't be found at these prices!

Your choice!

You can go elsewhere and get it done twice, or you can get it done right the first time by Brian and his shop. Your choice!