I hear a noise

Things you can hear are wrong with your car…

A “no start” can be many things.

  • First do you have power?

If you do not have dash lights warning lights headlamps, your problem is most likely battery related. Try a slow trickle battery charger of in a extreme case a jump start.

If on the other hand you do have dash light headlamps ext. the next questions are

  • Do you hear anything when you turn the key?
  • Do you hear a click from under the hood?

If so that may mean you need a starter.

If you hear nothing true shifting the transmission from park to drive or low gear and back to park and check again. Sometimes the shifter does not get all the way into park and a interlock switch wont allow the starter to engage.

If the engine cranks or turns over, there are many things that could cause this, it could be a problem with the factory security system, a fuel pump or a computer problem. All if not diagnosed properly can have you wasting lots of time and a large sum of money. Time to bring it to the EXPERTS you can trust at The Car Shop.

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